Guide to the introduction of Mobility windows for HEIs

2018 | Angol nyelvű kiadványok

The qualitative and quantitative transformation of organised student mobility is one of the priorities of internationalisation. Mobility windows play a role in this process.

We live in a time when internationalisation is a high priority for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). There are many aspects to internationalisation: how it is reflected in institutional strategies, in the development of teaching and research, in financial planning, in the organisational support provided to persons involved in internationalisation, in improving institutional marketing, and in various other fields. In addition to internal strategies and measures, evolving new laws and regulations also require a growing number of progressively higher national and international standards concerning internationalisation.

This guide was aimed at clarifying the concept of mobility windows for Hungarian HEIs, i.e the tasks related to their introduction, the benefits of mobility windows and the rationale beyond the new legislation on the introduction of mobility windows.

In this edition, we omitted those parts that relates to the Hungarian context only, and retained those chapters that might be interest of other HEIs in Europe and beyond considering cooperation via mobility windows with other HEIs.

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