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Spotlight on Higher Education Teaching Performance

The results of the cooperation of six European countries and excellent teaching practices were presented at the closing conference of the PROFFORMANCE project held on 16 June 2022 in Budapest, Hungary.

Nearly 100 teachers, experts, higher education leaders, and policy decision-makers from around 20 countries attended the event organized by the Tempus Public Foundation, and a further 80 online participants joined the hybrid format event. The project, launched in 2020, was coordinated by the Ministry of Culture and Innovation of Hungary and Tempus Public Foundation, in partnership with 5 European Higher Education Area countries (Austria, Czechia, Georgia, Croatia, and Serbia).

At the conference, in addition to the results of the project, excellent innovative teaching practices have been presented.

After the opening speeches, at the roundtable discussion, the PROFFORMANCE consortium partners discussed how their national teaching and learning strategies relate to European policies, and how the project contributed to achieving their national higher education goals.

Participants were given a comprehensive overview of the PROFFORMANCE project. A report, titled “The landscape of higher education teachers’ performance” based on a benchmarking survey conducted in 156 institutions on the evaluation, development, and incentives of higher education teachers was presented. This study for higher education leaders and experts formed the basis of the project's main result, the three-dimensional PROFFORMANCE Assessment Tool. The online assessment system to be launched in autumn 2022, currently available in a demo version (, was presented and could be tested by the participants through a peer assessment of an imaginary lecturer.

As part of the event, the winners of the International Higher Education Teacher Award 2021/22 announced by the PROFFORMANCE consortium and also the National Bests received their prize and certificate from Laura Sinóros-Szabó, the head of the department of the Ministry of Culture and Innovation. For the award call 126 high-quality applications from 6 countries have been submitted in 4 categories (Student-centered course design, Innovative teaching, and learning, Students’ learning assessment, Impact and mission with and for society). 13 projects were selected for a prize. The best practices were presented in the afternoon parallel sections.

The teaching excellence good practices are available in an online database:

The event also provided a networking opportunity for the international higher education target audience. More information about the event can be found at, where presentations, photos, and a video gallery are also available.

The success of the project is shown by the fact that it will continue as PROFFORMANCE+ in 2022 with new partners.

The PROFFORMANCE project is now available on LinkedIn.

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Last modified: 15-12-2022