Information on measures in the Erasmus+ programme concerning public interest trusts


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The measures do not affect grant agreements of ongoing projects.

Tempus Public Foundation is a public benefit organisation with a decades-long professional history, which aims to represent and communicate common European values and goals in the field of education and training, as well as to promote the Hungarian education system and advocate its interests at international level.

Erasmus+ is coordinated by Tempus Public Foundation in Hungary, as the organization is the designated National Agency of the programme. Higher education institutions submit their applications to Tempus Public Foundation under the call for Erasmus+ applications. Students can apply for mobility activities in the higher education institution they attend, i.e. the applicant students do not have a direct contractual relationship with Tempus Public Foundation.

At the end of December 2022, the European Commission informed Tempus Public Foundation that based on the Council Implementing Decision (EU) 2022/2506, no legal commitments shall be entered into with any public interest trust established on the basis of the Hungarian Act IX of 2021 or any entity maintained by such a public interest. The measure is temporary and will remain in force until further notice from the European Commission.

The measures do not affect the grant agreements of ongoing projects or the mobilities of students, teachers, and staff within the framework of such projects. The financial framework for mobilities remains in place for the year 2023 within these running projects, so Erasmus+ student and staff mobility in higher education institutions will continue as usual in the current academic year.

The 2022 mobility grants for higher education institutions amount to nearly €26 million and are expected to enable the mobility of more than 10,000 students and staff over the implementation period.

Foreign students coming to Hungary on Erasmus+ scholarships are not affected by the decision.

Tempus Public Foundation is looking forward to applications by the deadlines published on its website. Once submitted, the applications will be assessed on basis of the provisions of the European Commission's Erasmus+ programme. Grant decisions will be taken based on further information from the Commission.

Any questions regarding student applications should be addressed to the Erasmus+ coordinators of the higher education institutions, who will provide the students with comprehensive information about the details of the application process.

Tempus Public Foundation will keep informing the applicants concerned on the issue based on the updates received.

Last modified: 08-02-2024