CEEPUS Scholarship programme support refugees from Ukraine to participate in Hungarian Higher Education


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CEEPUS Freemover Mobility Scholarships are offered to Ukrainian students and teachers coming to Hungary in the 2024/2025 academic year as well.

The CEEPUS programme, which provides opportunity for study abroad periods, research activities and short-term student mobilities in Central Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans, made it possible by an extraordinary decision for university students and teachers from Ukraine to participate in mobilities through a simplified application process, provided that the host country has introduced such measures. Candidates from Ukraine are eligible to apply in the academic year 2024/2025 for Freemover grants, that is, outside CEEPUS networks.

At the Joint Committee of Ministers meeting held on 20th of September 2023, CEEPUS member countries decided unanimously to enable the participation of Ukrainian academics (students and teachers), using leftover scholarship months and funds from the current academic year, even though Ukraine isn’t a member country of the Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS). Applications have to be submitted on a rolling basis in the online system: www.ceepus.info.hu

Application deadline: continuously until 30 November 2024 
(Applications must be submitted at least 2 months before the tendered mobility period.)

 All teachers and students enrolled or employed at a Ukrainian higher education institution are eligible.

Documents to attach are:

  • A Letter of Acceptance issued by a Hungarian host university, download here.
  • Any document proving eligibility (e.g. certificate of enrollment, student ID or excerpt from employment contract form a Ukrainian higher education institution).

Tendered period can be:

  • For students: min 1 month to 10 months (in case of 1 month: min. 21 days, in case of more than 1 month: full months with min. 16 days in the last month).
  • For academics: min. 5 working days and up to 12 months (see below at the Scholarship rates).

Scholarship period: latest until the 31st August 2025. Applications must be submitted before the tendered mobility period.

Application process: 

A candidate has to submit a CEEPUS Freemover application via www.ceepus.info (see GUIDE) under academic year 2024/2025 and attach a Letter of Acceptance and a document proving eligibility (see above).

Scholarship rates:

  • Students: 180 000 HUF/month (cca. 460 EUR)
Teacher 200 000 HUF/month (cca. 510 EUR) 6-11 hours of teaching/consultation within 5 days
Teacher Extended 300 000 HUF/month (cca. 770 EUR) min 12 hours of teaching/consultation within 10 days
Teacher Virtual 100 000 HUF/month (cca. 260 EUR)

min 6 hours of online teaching/consultation within a month,
only linked to a physical mobility

Applications will be proceeded in case of formal eligibility, and in the order of arrival, as long as free resources are available. Double financing is not possible: it is not allowed to receive a second mobility scholarship from other resources to cover costs for the same mobility activity.

Information about the application process is available by clicking here.

Last modified: 05-06-2024